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Ajalon was officially introduced to the world through the release of their critically acclaimed debut CD “Light at the End of the Tunnel”. Originally released by Rick Wakeman of Yes fame, on his indie label, Ajalon recieved airplay on every major radio network in the UK.

Ajalon’s music is at once hard hitting and grand in it’s design. Built around sweeping rythyms and driving melodies, Ajalon’s sound embodies a number of influences botth classic and modern. Wil Henderson is Ajalon’s bassist, vocalist and chief lyricist; he occasionally adds guitar and various wind instruments to the group’s music. His particular gift is that of wordsmith, using vivid story-telling lyrics. Randy George (Neal Morse band) is the instrumentalist of the band. His talent is a unique association between the keyboards, bass and electric and acoustic guitars. His writing style is on an epic scale with a musical symmetry that inspires great visions for the listener. Dan Lile is the driving force behind Ajalon’s music. Dan is gifted with a unique drumming ability that is at once commanding and powerful which is evident in the explosive energy that gives Ajalon its unique expression.

Rick Wakeman, who discovered the band has contributed his trademark keyboard solos to two of the songs on this release. In addition, Neal morse has also provided some wonderful vocal contributions to the title track. And Phil Keaggy lends his high tenor vocals and superb acoustic guitar lead style to a track as well. There are a few other musicians that have added their particualr talent to this CD making it a wealth of musical treasures waiting to be discovered!!

Ajalon - On the Threshold of Eternity
Sophomore release
Price: $15.95
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