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A Chinese Firedrill (Joey Vera)
A Chinese Firedrill is the name that Joey Vera gave to his latest solo effort. The madness begins at age 13 while listening to KISS ALIVE! in 1977. Soon after the tennis rackets were placed back in the closet, Joey begins learning to play guitar. By 1979 Joey switched to bass guitar and played in a band called Royal Decree with neighborhood pals John Bush, Gonzo and Phil Sandoval. Yes, they were huge fans of Queen.

Fast Forward to 1982. After many backyard parties, bad band practices and several group changes, Armored Saint was formed. Along with the aforementioned buddies and guitarist David Prichard, Joey played with Saint from 1982 until 1992 when the band called it a day as singer John Bush joined Anthrax. During this time Joey appeared on 8 recordings, toured clubs to arenas and wrote a monthly bass player column for rock magazine Circus, from 1987 – 1989. Oh, they were (are) a heavy metal band and recorded for Chrysalis, Warner Bros and Metal Blade Records.

Joey’s bass player influences are Terry Geezer Butler, Jaco Pastorious, Marcus Miller, John Paul Jones, Verdine White and Louis Johnson to name a few.

After Saint breaks up, Joey began a reinvention of himself by writing and recording his first solo record “A Thousand Faces” performing as lead singer and guitarist. By late 1994 he decides to go back to bass playing and joins an 11 piece group playing music from West Africa where he finds himself among older and well schooled musicians. Joey takes up studying music for the first time and studies with Los Angeles jazz guitarist Giovanni Lombardi.

In 1996 Joey joins Prog Rock legends Fates Warning and records the epic “A Pleasant Shade of Gray”. Joey is still a current member of Fates Warning and has recorded 4 records and directed one live video with them.

Since and during the years 1989 until present, Joey has also worked as producer and engineer having recorded on over 20 records from such acts as Anthrax, Armored Saint, Fates Warning, Seven Witches, Engine and Metal Blade Records to name a few.

Joey likes lots of music. Miles Davis, Coltrane, Motorhead, Thin Lizzy, Jean Luc Ponty, Jeff Beck, The Subhumans and well….. okay the list could go on for quite some time.

Having made himself available as a sort of free lance bassist, Joey has also played on many records as a session player for such acts as OSI, John Arch, Chroma Key and Tribe After Tribe to name a few. Oh yeah, and Joey was the bassist for Anthrax for a full year of global touring from April 2004 – March 2005.

Currently Joey is promoting his second solo project A Chinese Firedrill “circles”. Joey sings all vocals and plays all instruments except drums. While his first solo effort was a hodge podge of various musical styles, A Chinese Firedrill “circles” draws upon some of his more progressive influences such as Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel and King’s X. Some have compared this new record to the likeness of Porcupine Tree, RPWL, Tool and OSI respectively.

A Chinese Firedrill - Circles
Latest solo album from renowned bassist Joey Vera
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