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Progressive Music ressources on web
 ( )
Classic Rock Society
 ( )
Great source for Rock and Metal information
Background Magazine ( )
Awesome prog rock magazine in The Netherlands
Baja Prog ( )
Mega 4 day progressive music festival in Baja California
Baltic Prog Fest ( )
Progressive Rock Association of Lithuania
Another of our resellers in the US
CIRCULO DE FOGO – Portuguese RadioShow )
Great radio station in Portugal that plays our artists. You can also listen online at
Dutch Progressive Rock Pages ( )
One of the longest running and one of the largest (if not THE largest) webzine dedicated to progressive rock.
Ed Unitsky ( )
Ed is an amazing artist that has done album covers for bands like Manning and The Tangent, if you are looking for art, check him out.
Excellent review site ( )
Jerry Lucky is one of our favorite overall reviewers and his new site is a great resource.
Ghostland ( )
Your Source for Progressive Rock on the Web
Gibralter Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock ( )
Huge resource of information on Progressive Rock
Grande Rock E-Zine ( )
A great music resource in Greece, but written in English
Hairless Heart Herald ( )
Good Prog resource in England
Metal Perspective ( )
Metal oriented news and reviews
Metropolis Radio ( )
Progressive rock radio show on the internet in the Netherlands
Mindawn ( )
Revolutionary new electronic music distribution system with a focus on prog
Music festival in the UK ( )
New England Art Rock Society ( )
Great source of prog information as well as live shows
Prog Nose ( )
Great prog news and review site in the Netherlands, it's also published in English.
Prog-resiste ( )
Great music on prog in Belgium (written in French)
Prog4You ( )
Your Doorway to Progressive Rock
ProgArchives ( )
Your Ultimate Prog Rock Resource
ProGGnosis ( )
A great site for information on prog, it's much more than just a review site.
ProgLands ( )
The Ultimate Prog Rock Encyclopedia
ProgNaut ( )
A progressive music fan and review site
Progress Records ( )
Distributor in Sweden
Progression Magazine ( )
The premiere magazine for progressive rock.
Progressive Area ( )
Progmetal review site in French
Progressive Ears ( )
Killer chat board for all things prog, one of the biggest general music discussion boards for prog.
Progressive radio show ( )
Progressive Rock Radio - Distant Early Warning Live from Caledonia, Ontario, Canada Friday Nights/Saturday Mornings from Midnight to 6 AM Eastern Time Saturday Mornings from 5 to 11 AM GMT CKNS 92.9 FM
Progressive Rock Music News ( )
Good general source of news on Prog
Progressive Rock Review ( )
A great progrock podcast coming out of Australia
Progressive World ( )
Excellent site for reviews, interviews and news
Progscape ( )
Where Progressive Rock Lives on the World Wide Web
Progwereld ( )
Great site for news and reviews
Progwereld ( )
Popular Dutch progressive music review and news site
Progwereld ( )
A great prog news and reviews site in Dutch.
Radio show in Holland ( )
Radio show in Holland
Sea Of Tranquility ( )
The web destination for heavy metal, progressive metal and progressive rock
Search Music Network ( )
This is a directory of music resources on the web
Sonicbond ( )
Reseller in the UK
The ProgStore ( )
Source for music in Europe
Ultradisc ( )
After lots of searching we finally found a CD manufacturer that we really like, they do fast quality work and also have the best prices we've seen. Talk to Donald Montz and tell him you found out about them from us, he should take good care of you.
Uzbekistan Progressive Rock Pages ( )
The primary source of prog information in Uzbekistan

ProgrockRecords Bands
Agent Cooper ( )
Alias Eye (Germany) ( )
Cerafim ( )
Chain ( )
Cryptic Vision ( )
Expedition Delta ( )
Frameshift )
Frank Lucas ( )
Lucas, White & Edsey - US power trio
Ghost Circus ( )
International prog duo
Greylevel ( )
Jack Yello ( )
Little Atlas ( )
Man On Fire ( )
Manning ( )
Not only does Manning have 6 albums to his credit, he is also part of The Tangent and Parallel or 90 Degrees
Project Creation ( )
Prymary ( )
Progmetal band from Southern California
Shadow Circus ( )
Thessera ( )
Progmetal from Brazil
Zen Rock and Roll ( )

Distributors Links
Andromeda Distribution ( )
Distributor in Italy
Big Balloon Music (U.S.) ( )
Caerllysi Music ( )
Reseller in England
CD Services ( )
Reseller in Scotland
Destiny Records (England) ( )
Phone is 01489 603 549
Distributor in England ( http://WWW.CAERLLYSIMUSIC.CO.UK )
F2 Music ( )
One of our distributors in the UK and the label for Magenta among other great bands.
Garden Shed (Japan) ( )
Heaven Cross Records ( )
Our distributor in Spain
Hellion Records ( )
Exclusive distributor of Frameshift in Brazil
Hurricane Entertainment ( )
Distributor in France
Kinesis Progressive Rock cds (U.S.) ( )
Metal Mundus ( )
Distributor in Poland
Musea ( )
Distributor in France
Nemesis Music ( )
Distributor in Portugal
PHD Canada ( )
Our exclusive distributor to all retail outlets in Canada.
Progpulsion ( )
Reseller in France
Progpulsion ( )
Our distributor in France
Progressive Waves ( )
Resller in France
Quixote Music ( )
Our partner and reseller in Germany
Rhino Records ( )
Super cool independant record store in Claremont California that has a huge selection of music and a prog section.
Rock Symphony ( )
Reseller in Brazil
Synphonic (U.S.) ( )
Popular online reseller with a big selection
The Laser's Edge (U.S.) ( )
THE LASER'S EDGE is a compact disc distribution service specializing in progressive rock, metal and psychedelic sounds from around the world. In addition to our two in-house labels, The Laserís Edge and Sensory, we offer a broad selection from various other labels that we think deserve your attention. We also sell a limited selection of books and videos relating to progressive music. Since we opened for business in 1988, we have developed a worldwide reputation for low prices, fast service and accurate descriptions of the music we offer.
ZNR Mail Order ( )
Progressive rock mail order that resells our artists

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